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Resilience &
Mental Wellness


The Real Estate Profession ranks second-highest in rate of depression.


Unlike a steady wave, the real estate business follows a saw-tooth pattern, characterized by fluctuating obstacles and inconsistent income.


Real estate professionals contend with a combination of external and personal challenges.


Success . . .

. . . goes beyond financial gain; it's about holistic well-being—physical vitality, mental resilience, meaningful relationships, and spiritual fulfillment. At KnowledgeDNA, we believe in empowering you for success in every facet of life.

In the real estate industry, it's crucial to recognize that it's a career-based business, not merely a job. This distinction emphasizes the ongoing need for continual prospecting to maintain growth and success.



A comprehensive nine-year study involving over 200,000 individuals (Yujie Zhao et al., 2023) found seven key daily activities proven to reduce depression by up to 50%. These essential activities, along with three additional ones tailored specifically for real estate professionals, form the foundation of the KDNA Resilience Tracker.

If you are a current KDNA customer, get the Resilience and Mental Wellness Tracker for FREE!

How Does it Work?


Through a combination of Experience and Science.



Over the past decade, KDNA has collaborated with over 1,000 brokers and 50,000 agents, consistently finding that the most active and successful real estate professionals integrate structure, a positive mindset, and personal accountability into their daily routines.


In recognizing the paramount importance of mental wellness and resilience, KDNA has incorporated three additional daily activities in our Mental Resilience Tracker. For example, Positive Morning Mindset emerges as one crucial Activity of Daily Living (ADL). Starting your day positively is vital.


The Science behind it...


Recent studies emphasize the significant impact of daily habits on mental health. Adopting healthier lifestyle choices can mitigate the risk of depression, even for individuals with a genetic predisposition.


One essential healthy lifestyle choice recommended by experts is cultivating good sleep habits. Prioritize a consistent sleep schedule, aiming for 7 to 9 hours each night. The KDNA Mental Wellness Tracker encompasses several more healthy habits to further enhance your well-being.


The Solution

Your real estate business is more like a saw-tooth than a steady wave, influenced by various external factors. The key to maintaining control over your business lies in developing resilience to navigate the inevitable challenges that will arise.


KDNA has meticulously crafted a curated list of Daily Health Habits designed to enhance mental strength and resilience. Our Mental Resilience Tracker is offered complimentary to our valued customers and available for a nominal fee to non-customers.

why kdna...

About Us:

Welcome to KnowledgeDNA, where our mission goes beyond just real estate success – it's about fostering mental health and wellness within the dynamic world of real estate. Founded 10 years ago by Steve Strickholm, a visionary with dual expertise in psychology therapy and real estate, we are dedicated to bringing a holistic approach to career development.


Our Founder's Journey:

Steve's passion for helping individuals navigate life's challenges began in the realm of social services. For two decades, he managed a rehabilitation organization, guiding young adults with life-long disabilities towards independent living and meaningful employment. The secret to their success? A simple, yet powerful, daily paper-based Goal Tracking system to tracker their ADLs (Activities of Daily Living).


The Genesis of KDNA:

Drawing from this experience, Steve and his team adapted these proven principles to the world of real estate, giving birth to our innovative KDNA Accountability Tracker. The KDNA Goal Tracker forms the backbone of our software, empowering real estate professionals to not only meet their career goals but also prioritize their mental health and wellness.


Why KDNA Matters:

In the real estate industry, success isn't just about closing deals; it's about maintaining a balanced life. We believe in the 10 Habits of Resilience and Mental Wellness that are crucial for both personal and professional growth. Beyond KPIs like appointments held and sales closed, we recognize the importance of maintaining a positive morning mindset, engaging in meaningful conversations, and nurturing mental resilience.

Our Commitment:

At KDNA, we understand the unique stressors faced by real estate professionals, with anxiety and depression rates among the highest in any occupation. Our software is not just a tool for career success but a companion on your journey towards well-being. By integrating the 10 Daily Activities for Mental Health and Wellness, backed by studies showing a 50% reduction in the risk of depression, we aim to redefine success in the real estate world.


Join us in creating a community where achievement goes hand-in-hand with mental health, and where every real estate professional can thrive in their career and personal life.



Delve deeper into the intricate connections between stress, depression, and the efficacy of goal tracking by exploring the resources provided below.


Journal of Rational-Emotive & Cognitive-Behavior Therapy Article

Findings highlight the importance of cognitive factors in procrastination and depression. Elevated levels of cognitive risk factors (ruminative brooding and procrastination-related automatic thoughts) and low levels of protective factors (mindfulness and self-compassion) were associated with higher levels of procrastination and depression. This suggests that procrastinators may be vulnerable to depression due to the presence of these cognitive factors.


Procrastination and Depression from a Cognitive Perspective: An Exploration of the Associations Among Procrastinatory Automatic Thoughts, Rumination, and Mindfulness,


Published: 10 March 2016 Volume 34, pages 169–186, (2016)

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