Where did the idea for KDNA™ Goal Tracking come from?
The idea for the KDNA™ Goal Tracking system came to me as the result of my 20 years of experience as a social worker / psychologist and Director of a large rehabilitation company. We worked with people with life-long disabilities – mental retardation and major mental illness. We helped these people find and keep jobs and housing in the community.

Our success came from helping them track, on a Daily and Weekly basis, their ADL’s – their Activities of Daily Living.

How can Goal Tracking help me?
It turns out we all have Daily Activities that make us successful in life. For the disabled people in my rehabilitation company, their ADL’s were things like: Setting your alarm clock, eating breakfast, getting to work on time, having good co-worker relations, making dinner, going to bed on time.

Most of us have mastered these activities. Our challenge is to stay focused on the things we often DON”T want to do – Key activities that make us successful in our lives and careers. KDNA™ will help you master YOUR PERSONAL ADL’s!

Who are we? What do we believe?
After I left the rehabilitation company, I helped build a health insurance agency, making 300 to 400 phone calls per week. By tracking my own sales pipeline goals – Contacting, Appointments, Sales – (Selling ADL’s), I made over $100K my first year.

We run a flexible and entrepreneurial company. Our staff live and work around the country – West Coast, East Coast and in-between. We believe in Transparent Accountability™ -- it is only when you are Accountable to yourself and others, that you can truly be successful in life.

--- Steve Strickholm, Founder and CEO
KnowledgeDNA Inc.