The Power of Goal Tracking
So how do we “Change The Future Before It Occurs™”?
The answer is with Goal Tracking
University Study
(Dominican University) recruited over 250 business professionals.

They divided them into several Groups

"Thinking" Group
One Group did not write down their business productivity or personal Goals.

They went through the week simply "thinking" about their Goals.

"Tracking" Group
Another Group:
  1. Wrote down their Goals
  2. Tracked them on a Regular Basis
  3. Created a Weekly Progress Report
  4. Shared their report with others
Results Achieved
“Thinking” vs. “Tracking”
The "Thinking" Group accomplished on average, only 43% of their Goals.
The "Weekly Progress Report, Shared with Others" Group accomplished on average, 76% of their Goals.
This second Group was almost 80% more productive and successful.