KDNA Results
“One of my Agents, who started using KDNA™ to track her Sales Goals, tripled her income in a year.”
-Real Estate Office Manager
KDNA Results™
Many offices and companies have reported that Agents/Reps committed to tracking their numbers in KDNA™ see:

Incomes increase 30% to 50% or more.

One office found the following...

“Our KDNA™ Agents have become so successful that I have made the Goal Tracker a key part of the business plan for our office.”
-Productivity Coach
"Poking with a Stick"
Agents not tracking their numbers consistently, those "poking at it with a stick", were making on average

$64,000 per year

Committed to Tracking
But the Agents consistently tracking and achieving 50% to 100% of their Goals, were making on average

$147,000 per year

“Compared to the previous year, every one of my Reps using KDNA™ has increased their commission income by $3,000 to $7,000 per month.”
-Title Company Sales VP
Results Achieved
“Poking” vs. “Committed”
That's a difference of 130% or over $80,000% per year more per Agent!
Imagine the incomes that generated for the Reps, and the profitability it produced for the office!
Where do you fit in?