Leadership RRP Tracker (Recruitment, Retention and Profitability)
  • Recruitment: # Conversations, # Appts., etc.
  • Retention: # 1 on 1 meetings, % Agents Attending Trainings etc.
  • Profitability: # Listings Taken, # Open Transactions, etc.
  • Scalability: Single, Multiple Office or Entire Region Accountability
Individual Agent and Team IPA Trackers
  • Daily Agent Alerts: Daily Email Alerts with color-coded progress towards Weekly Goals
  • Daily Manager Alerts: Daily Email Alerts showing ALL Agents’ progress to Coach and Admins
  • Group Scoreboards: All Agents Activity, Coaches’ Tracker
  • Team Scoreboards: Team Activity Trackers (New Agents, Up and Comers, etc.)
  • My Scoreboards: Individual Agent Comments and Scoreboards
  • Conversion Ratios: Automatic Conversion Ratio Calculations
  • Business Plan: Agent Business Plan Creation