Update Your Goals Each Day in Less Than 30 Seconds
The secret to success is being Accountable to yourself or others. KDNA™ helps you focus on the productive activities that help you achieve higher goals. You can easily update your daily activities from a Smart Phone, Tablet, computer, or any mobile device. You don’t even need to remember a password!
Increase Your Success and Income by 50% or More
People with written goals have been proven to be much more successful in their career and in their life. By using KnowledgeDNA™, your goals are ever present in the forefront of your mind. Daily email alerts help keep you on track.
Track from Your Smartphone, Tablet, or Computer
Stay on top of your weekly numbers and sales pipeline by accessing KDNA™ from any web enabled mobile device. Just make updates, save changes, and be on your way to your next call.
Your Weekly Goal Numbers Can be Driven by Your KDNA™ Business Plan
By using the KDNA™ Business Plan, you can develop accurate goals based on your own conversion ratios. By understanding your strengths and improving on your weaknesses, you can become a highly effective sales professional. “Work smarter, not harder.”
Use as Your Individual Account, Team, or Entire Group
Create Transparent Accountability for yourself, your team, or your market center or region. The configuration of KnowledgeDNA™ is extremely flexible. Check out our pricing page for various options.